Our Purpose

The main purposes / activites of this church are as follows;

1. Worship God (Luke:4:8; John:4:23; Rev:4:10) 

2. Study His Word (2 Tim:2:15; 1Cor:4:6)

3. Pray (Acts:2:42)

4. Love One Another (John:13:35; Phil:1:1-4) &  Help Each Other (Gal:6:2)

5. Partake of Baptism and the Lord's Supper  (Luke:22:19-20)

6. To Learn How to Live As Godly People (Titus:2:11-12) and,

7. To be Equipped to Proclaim the Gospel of  Jesus Christ (Eph:4:12; Mat:28:18-20; Acts:1:8)